Lynchburg Moose Lodge # 715

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Administrator's Corner

updated 12/21/2020


Appears the newsletter is late again.  Wont be long and we will have a new professional editor and the newsletter will be much more fun and informative.

As for the lodge, I hope you all got a chance to review the report that Mike Rios, the membership chairman at Moose International sent to International about his unannounced visit to the lodge.

In short, he, along with the staff of Moose International, are very impressed with the layout, design and function of our lodge.

If you have not seen it please stop by and check out your new smoke free, comforting lodge.

Now on to Christmas open house, we have done away with the all you can drink and eat for 2 hours.  The purpose that members should come is to enjoy a nice time and Fellowship with your Fellow members.

The new layout: Open 1 till 6, You will get 3 drink tickets and we will have basic finger foods set around and if you want, you can bring something to share with us all.

Some of this is due to Corona and the rest is just plain old business decisions and common sense ..... Thanks ...

Scott Jachode

updated 11/28/2020


Appears the newsletter is late again.  I am sorry for the delay.  Things have been crazy since the opening in August.  Also, we have been taking things slow and have not had much to report on and no music or karaoke to speak of.  I was reminded that many of our members did not even know we had opened.  I am very sorry for that.  Sometimes we think that since we know something, everyone else knows it also.

If you have not already, please come in and check out your new lodge looks and join us in preparing for the next fifty years of fraternalism and fellowship to be enjoyed by members young and old.

We are doing many spur of the moment events due to the fact that things are very fluid and change often. If you are on facebook, you can go to website and check for daily postings, or just call us at the lodge, we would be very happy to assist you in any way we can ...

Hope To See You Soon ...

Scott Jacode