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Hello Members,

The topic lately has been the smoking change as well 

as what are we going to do to accommodate smokers.

We had a membership meeting on October 14th and

it was posted in the newsletter that we would be discussing

this as well as voting on it. Two members

that are not officers showed up.

They asked questions and more importantly, relayed

what the rumors are around the “Round Table”.

As I said in this meeting, we want to provide to all

our members that smoke a place they can go to

smoke. There are requirements put forth by Moose

International and we must follow these guidelines.

Mainly, keep area away from entrance and not add

on to the lodge anything except an open air place for

smokers. We can not build a separate social quarters

with bar, gaming, waitress, or any other amenities

available in the lodge home. We, the board of have

taken into consideration all options and promise to

you we are building an area that will be safe and

comfortable for all members. Scott Jachode

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