Lynchburg Moose Lodge # 715

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Merry Christmas

Christmas at Lynchburg Moose Lodge #715 ..... circa 1948 - 1966

Some of the youngsters who were guests at the Moose Lodge's annual Christmas Eve party.   High-light was the presentation of an electric record player to Ralph Wayne Bryant, 112 Norwood Street, as a gift from employees of the Sears Roebuck store.  Bryant spent all his spare pre-Christmas time playing records in the store and employees decided he'd be bitterly disappointed if he didn't get a player for Christmas.  Hugh D. Bolton was chairman of the lodge party, assisted by Mrs. W. E. Lonergan of Women of the Moose.  click photo for larger image

This newspaper clipping was submitted by Moose brother and Fellow of the Order, Jim Moss

The Original location of Lynchburg Moose Lodge 715, as shown in this picture, is located on the corner of  7th and Federal Street in Downtown Lynchburg.  The building is still there and now serves as apartments for elderly people.  The property was originally owned in 1903 by Walker PettyJohn and later sold to Gorman L. Burnett.  The Lynchburg Moose Lodge 715 purchased the property in 1948 and later sold the property in 1966 for $30,000.00 to Lynchburg Christian/Covenant Fellowship which remodeled the building for Apartments.  The current assessed value is $169,800.00

Hugh D. Bolton, mentioned in the article, was also a charter member of the Lynchburg-South Moose Lodge 1727.